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Vent-Free and Vented Logs

Gas log sets have come a very long way in the last few years. In the past, the look of the logs was quite artificial and you had very little choices. Today, with so many manufacturers in the market, the choices are amazing! You choose how easy you want the set to operate. From manual systems that you light each time, to standing pilot systems that are ready at a flip of a switch, to fully remote controlled units that allow you to change the flame height with the push of a button, you can choose the type of system you want. The logs have changed as well. Now, you can choose a charred look, fresh cut pieces or there is even a set that looks like its been burning for hours. Even the wood types are available now, including birch, oak and pine.

We offer a full line of both Vented and Vent-Free systems. This includes the burners, the log sets and the fireboxes. Knowing which one you want to use requires a little information on the difference between the two. We can help you decide which system is the best for your application.

A vented system is usually placed in an open fireplace with a functioning damper in the chimney. This type is used when ambiance of the fire is the purpose. All the exhaust and water vapor goes up the chimney. Unfortunately, most of the heat produced also goes up.

A vent-free system would be used in a fireplace that has been closed off, or set up in a vent-free firebox. These units produce a beautiful fire and a lot of heat. However, the water vapor and any exhaust is put into the room. These units are not intended for daily use and usually are recommended to be burned only for a few hours at a time. Also, for safety reasons, vent-free units are not supposed to be established in bedrooms or other sleeping areas.

Burner assemblies also require some decisions. Manual systems are usually as easy to light as a gas grill. You choose the amount of flame you want to see with the flame control. A millivolt system has a standing pilot that keeps burning and allows you to simply flip a switch to have the unit turn on. With a remote control assembly, you can turn the unit on and off as well as adjust the flame control on some models from your couch or chair.

Lastly, you will need to decide the size of the unit. Since log sets are available in 14" to 36" models, the size of the firebox must be taken into consideration. Again, we can help you through the decision process on this choice as well.

The addition of the many accessories available will enhance the appearance of your log set. Ashbeds are constructed of sand, vermiculite and lava rock come in a variety of packages. There are wood chip sets that give the appearance of broken pieces of wood on the floor of the fireplace. There are even ember packages that are products that glow like the coals of a real fire when exposed to the heat.

Since we offer several manufacturers of both vented and vent-free systems, we can help you made an educated decision on the best unit for your use.

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Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 1
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 2
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 3
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 4
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 5
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 6
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 7
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 8
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 9
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 10
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 11
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 12
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 13
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 14
Vent-Free and Vented Logs
Photo 15

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