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There is nothing more appealing on a cool night than a great welcoming fire in your backyard. Currently we offer Oaks Pavers from Michigan and Reading Rock from Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a great place to gather the family and discuss the day's events! With all of the products available in the market today, we believe we have gathered the best for our customers. Building an outdoor fire pit is an easy do-it-yourself project that can be built in only a few hours.

With our Brick Yard, we have several types and styles of blocks that can be used to build a safe fire ring for your yard. They come in several colors to match your home's appearance. The different styles and sizes allow for different-sized fire rings. An added advantage to using blocks is that the ring can be moved whenever you choose. We also carry steel ring liner inserts for 30", 42" and 48" rings. This adds additional heat protection for the extended life of your blocks. We also carry a wall block that adds a "finished touch" to the block ring.

In our Stone Yard there are several natural stone varieties that can be stacked into a fire ring for a more rustic appearance. Again, using the steel inserts available ensures a uniform appearance and adds protection for the stone, while giving you an easy base for stacking.

Whether you use brick or natural stone, these fire pits can be plumbed for gas operation. We have units available that can either be a fire starter for a wood fire, or as beautiful as a glass bed burner assembly that only uses natural gas or propane.

For those customers looking for a more elegant type of fire pit, or one that can be placed on a patio or deck, we have many styles of Fire Bowls available as well. There are rustic ringed bowls with etchings and cutouts. There are tabled versions that can be used as centerpieces for sitting areas providing warmth and a place for drinks. These units are offered with an array of tile surfaces, sizes and styles.

So no matter what your budget is for your backyard fire, we have an option to fit! And, yes, all products can be delivered.


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