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Gas Stoves

Gas stoves, inserts and Fireplaces

Gas-fueled fireplaces and stoves provide the least amount of work while still providing an incredible amount of heat. Utilizing one of these units is the basis of Zone Heating. A furnace is capable of producing lots of heat but must then be channeled through various ducts throughout your house. Those ducts actually rob some of the heat that’s being produced. By using a fireplace or stove in the rooms you use the most, you produce the bulk of the heat in the area where you want it. That is zone heating in its simplest form.

Our main line of Regency gas products not only has some of the best efficiency numbers in the industry, but also has the best warranty available. Knowing that the company offers such a comprehensive warranty, you can rest assured that the unit will continue providing for you with very few maintenance or repair issues.

The log set and burner combination of these units creates a beautiful ambiance of fire and coals that is superior to other manufacturers. The heat provided can range from 10,000 BTU for a small bedroom up to 45,000 BTU capable of heating the entire house. Since the unit is a closed system (no open doors) maintenance is kept to a minimum. The glass front is neo-ceramic glass that “disappears” when the fire is burning. You have a tremendous amount of radiant heat that comes through the glass into your living space and don’t get a lot of reflections in the glass of everything in the room.

Other manufacturers also produce great units. Some of those companies we offer are Moenessen, Napoleon, RH Peterson and FMI just to name a few.

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H27 Gas Stove

H27 Gas Stove


Cast Iron Gas Stove

Style & Performance. The Hampton Medium Gas Stove's beautiful styling is matched only by its authentic fire. The gas flames have been carefully engineered to twist and flicker as real wood flames do - around the most realistic logs available anywhere today.

H27 Freestanding Gas Stove Key Features:

  • Integrated accent light
  • ProFlame II remote control (GTMFL)
  • Electronic Ignition with SureFire switch
  • Operates on Natural Gas or Propane
Energy Specifications NG LP ULPG
Maximum BTUs/hr 25,000 22,000  
Turn Down BTU 18,000 17,500  
Efficiency 67.63% 66.51%  
EnerGuide Rating 61.22% 63.07%  
Unit Dimensions   IN  
Width (front)   24 9/16 in.  
Height   27 1/16 in.  
Depth   16 7/16 in.  

RC500E Gas Stove

RC500E Gas Stove

Regency® Contura

Modern Gas Stove

Regency Contura RC500E gives a light and modern impression to any home. There is no bad spot to sit when warming up in front of this unit. Available in black or white, you can customize this modern gas stove with a traditional log set or ultra-modern shimmering crystals. The curved design invites you to enjoy a stunning flame view from three sides.

RC500E Freestanding Gas Stove Key Features:

  • Available in black cast or white with glass door & top
  • View the stunning flame from three sides
  • Interior lights for added ambiance when the fire is off
  • Variable speed blower
  • Natural gas or propane
  • Electronic ignition
  • Modulating flame adjustment
  • The battery backup system keeps the heat on in the event of a power outage
  • ProFlame II remote control
  • Reversible flue for top or rear venting
Energy Specifications NG LP ULPG
Maximum BTUs/hr 23,000 22,000  
Turn Down BTU 16,000 18,000  
Efficiency 67.13 66.85  
EnerGuide Rating 60.38 61.42  
Unit Dimensions   IN  
Width (front)   24 in.  

C34 Gas Stove

C34 Gas Stove

Regency® Classic™

Traditional Gas Stove

Come home to a Classic! The Regency Classic Gas Stove mirrors the authentic styling of a wood stove with all the convenience of gas. No Chimney? No Problem. With the direct vent option, you can vent up and out of your home saving installation dollars.

C34E Freestanding Gas Stove Key Features:

  • Beautiful fire with logs and glowing embers
  • Convector airmate
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Proflame remote control
  • Operates on natural gas or propane
Energy Specifications NG LP ULPG
Maximum BTUs/hr 32,000 32,000  
Turn Down BTU 16,000 16,000  
Efficiency 70.42% 70.42%  
EnerGuide Rating 62.39% 62.39%  
Unit Dimensions   IN  
Width (front)   24 in.  
Height   29 11/16 in.  
Depth   21 5/8 in.  
Dimension Notes: Pedestal

H35 Gas Stove

H35 Gas Stove


Large Cast Iron Gas Stove

The Large Hampton Gas Stove features the most realistic gas fire available. Complement the classic style with a decorative glass grille to get the look of a real wood fire. Direct vent technology allows you to put your Hampton Gas Stove exactly where you want it without needing a chimney.

H35 Freestanding Gas Stove Key Features:

  • Integrated accent light
  • ProFlame II remote control (GTMFL)
  • Electronic Ignition with SureFire switch
  • Operates on Natural Gas or Propane
Energy Specifications NG LP ULPG
Maximum BTUs/hr 30,000 29,500  
Turn Down BTU 21,500 24,000  
Efficiency 75.27% 75.77%  
EnerGuide Rating 70.86% 71.91%  
Unit Dimensions   IN  
Width (front)   26 7/8 in.  
Height   28 in.  
Depth   21 in.  
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