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Pond Plants, Fish and Supplies

Plants for ponds, water gardens or bog gardens have different requirements than your average landscape plants. We offer a huge variety of aquatic plants for any wet application. For your pond, you need submerged plants such as anacharys or hornwort to provide oxygen and filtering in the deeper areas. Other plants needed would be marginal or bog plants such as reeds, cattails, grasses and iris. These plants not only provide cover for the fish but act as a live filter for the water. These plants range from small groundcover type plants to stately 6'-8' tall specimens. And almost everyone thinks of water lilies when you mention a pond. These plants provide shade with the leaves and wonderful blooms throughout the season. We can explain the different planting depths for different types of plants and help you choose the type of plant as well.

Many people are looking at installing rain gardens in their landscapes. These gardens help to control excess rain run-off and add beauty where there once was only a muddy puddle. Aquatic plants (or pond plants) can be used in these gardens as well. The diversity of available plants is amazing. Blooms can be seen throughout the entire growing season with the proper selection of plants.

Almost everyone expects to see fish in a backyard pond. From sunny goldfish to gorgeous koi, the range of sizes of pond fish can also be surprising. Koi can grow to as much as three feet long given the proper depth and size of the pond. These are fish with very long lives and can live as long as 25 years with the right nutrition and space. Since Koi are very adaptable to people, they are considered a "social" fish. Many of our customers hand feed their Koi and will tell you that each one has its own unique personality. At the other end of the size chart are the little goldfish. These can range in color from pure white, to orange and black. Many have spots of color and some have developed very large fins and tails that can rival the great looks of Koi. Yet these fish usually grow no larger than 12" to 15" with a life span of around 15 years. Another great pond fish is the Shubunkin. This fish also tops out in size around 12" to 15" but has an extremely colorful pattern. These fish tend to be quite mottled in color ranging from black and blue to pearl white, but always with the distinct calico-type appearance. Their tails and fins are also usually long and flowing. Catfish, which can also reach as much as three feet in length, are great "cleaners" for the pond. They clean up debris and waste on the bottom of the pond. They come in a gorgeous deep slate blue or brilliant albino white. We stock all of these types of fish throughout the season.

Keeping fish in a pond requires knowledge of the water quality and food requirements of your fish. We offer a high quality, tested fish food formula that will support the health of all of your pond fish. We also offer the medications that may, at times, be required along with the expertise and knowledge to help you decide what to use. We carry a full line of water treatment products that take care of all the processes for your pond. From removing chlorine from tap water, adding beneficial bacteria and barley straw to help keep the water clean and healthy to dyes to help shade the pond, we have it all. And we stock it in various sizes to fit your pond size economically.

Farm Pond Supplies

For those homeowners lucky enough to have a natural pond or lake on their property, we offer a complete line of products to help maintain the beauty and health of their pond. Everyone wants a clean, healthy pond for swimming or fishing or even irrigation of the property and livestock. The treatment products we offer are ecology-minded products that are safe to use with livestock, pets and people. Some of those products include pond dye which is used to block sunlight to reduce algae. Weed removal products are available that work on shoreline weeds such as cattails and reeds that may have become overgrown. As well, there are submerged weeds that can get out of control. We have products that are specifically formulated to target those weeds as well. We also carry beneficial bacteria products that help to break down the waste that forms in the pond that leads to odors and stagnant looking water.

Additional products that help the pond stay healthy include aeration systems. One of these is a fountain setup that can be both a great addition for keeping the pond clean and also provides a wonderful visual interest for the pond. Fountains can range from a few feet high to over twenty feet for larger ponds. We use several manufacturers to fill the request for any size fountain for your pond. Airmax Ecological and Kasko are just two of the recognized names in the industry. Many others are available.

Another way to aerate the pond is by using an aeration system that places air diffusers directly in the pond. These units lay on the bottom of the pond and add pure saturated oxygen to the ecosystem. This increases the health of any fish that are stocked as well as keeping the ecosystem alive, which keeps the pond cleaner. Several different designs and manufacturers are offered for this type of product. As with all of our product lines, we can explain installation and maintenance on all of these products.

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