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Almost everyone expects to see fish in a backyard pond. From sunny goldfish to gorgeous koi, the range of sizes of pond fish can also be surprising. Koi can grow to as much as three feet long given the proper depth and size of the pond. These are fish with very long lives and can live as long as 25 years with the right nutrition and space. Since Koi are very adaptable to people, they are considered a "social" fish. Many of our customers hand feed their Koi and will tell you that each one has its own unique personality. At the other end of the size chart are the little goldfish. These can range in color from pure white, to orange and black. Many have spots of color and some have developed very large fins and tails that can rival the great looks of Koi. Yet these fish usually grow no larger than 12" to 15" with a life span of around 15 years. Another great pond fish is the Shubunkin. This fish also tops out in size around 12" to 15" but has an extremely colorful pattern. These fish ten d to be quite mottled in color ranging from black and blue to pearl white, but always with the distinct calico-type appearance. Their tails and fins are also usually long and flowing. We stock all of these types of fish throughout the season.

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