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Farm Pond Supplies

For those homeowners lucky enough to have a natural pond or lake on their property, we offer a complete line of products to help maintain the beauty and health of their pond. Everyone wants a clean, healthy pond for swimming or fishing or even irrigation of the property and livestock. The treatment products we offer are ecology minded products that are safe to use with livestock, pets and people. Some of those products include pond dye that is used to block sunlight to reduce algae. Weed removal products are available that work on shoreline weeds such as cattails and reeds that may have become overgrown. As well, there are submerged weeds that can get out of control. We have products that are specifically formulated to target those weeds as well. We also carry beneficial bacteria products that help to break down the waste that forms in the pond that leads to odors and stagnant looking water.

Additional products that help the pond stay healthy include aeration systems. One of these is a fountain setup that can be both a great addition for keeping the pond clean but also provides a wonderful visual interest for the pond. Fountains can range from a few feet high to over twenty feet for larger ponds. We use several manufacturers to fill the request for any size fountain for your pond. Airmax Ecological and Kasko are just two of the recognized names in the industry. Many others are available.

Another way to aerate the pond is by using an aeration system that places air diffusers directly in the pond. These units lay on the bottom of the pond and add pure saturated oxygen to the ecosystem. This increases the health of any fish that are stocked as well as keeping the ecosystem alive, which keeps the pond cleaner. Several different designs and manufacturers are offered for this type of product. As with all of our product lines, we can explain installation and maintenance on all of these products.

We provide services to the Northern Ohio area.

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