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Pellet Fuel and EZ Brick

We offer only the Somerset brand of pellets for our customers. Somerset is a hardwood flooring company that uses their own cuttings for the pellets they produce. By controlling what goes into the pellet, you can control how good the pellet is going to be. Since only hardwood is used, you can be assured that the pellet is a true hardwood pellet. These pellets produce a lot less ash than the other brands available. Through testing in our fireplace shop, we have seen that these pellets burn a lot hotter than others as well. That means you get more heat for your money. Also, you have a more consistent pellet with Somerset. That means fewer pieces that fall through the burn pot without burning, which means less waste. Pellets are available by the single bag or by the ton. A ton consists of 50 bags weighing 40# each.

An alternative to firewood is EZ Bricks. These are a pressed sawdust brick that is easy to light and is used instead of, or with, firewood. They are manufactured by a local milling company. Only hardwood scraps are used in EZ Bricks. There are no glues, binders or artificial additives used. Being pressed under extreme pressure is how they stay formed as a brick. Each brick has an estimated burn time of 4 to 6 hours each. Since these bricks are extremely consistent in their burn time and heat output, they make an awesome "night time" fire. You can always be sure how long the fire is going to keep putting out heat. They are available in 6 packs or by the ton. A ton consists of 100 packages of 6. The BTU output of a ton of EZ Bricks is estimated to be equivalent to 1.2 cords of firewood. Yet the space required to store a ton is only 4 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet tall.

And, of course, as with all of our products, delivery is available for any of these products.

Pellet Fuel and EZ Brick Pellet Fuel and EZ Brick


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Pellet Fuel and EZ Brick
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Photo 1

Pellet Fuel and EZ Brick
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