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Fountains, Aerators and Supplies

Everyone loves the look and sound of moving water! Adding a fountain to your landscape is a simple way to add this to your backyard area. We offer several varieties of fountain products and reservoirs that can be installed in the smallest of yards or areas. We also offer larger units for a bigger impact. These fountains are made of concrete or resin depending on the size and style. Of course we also carry a multitude of pumps to power any of these fountains. We also carry water maintenance products that are safe for children, pets and wildlife to keep your fountain clean. With several sizes of reservoirs available, we can help match the reservoir to the fountain to ensure minimum maintenance to keep your fountain beautiful.

For ponds, adding a fountain is a great way to ensure the health of the pond whether its 400 gallons or 80,000 gallons. We have fountain assemblies for use in backyard water gardens that help to aerate the pond water and add beauty to the pond. We also offer large floating fountain assemblies intended for large farm ponds and lakes. These fountains come with a large variety of spray patterns to customize the height and width of the fountain spray.

All bodies of water, from very small to extremely large, benefit from aeration. Adding saturated oxygen to the water aids the health of your fish and plants as well as keeping beneficial bacteria alive and thriving. We have small aerators for use in small (200 gallon) backyard ponds, medium aerators pumps for ponds up to 3000 gallons. We also offer a variety of aeration systems for larger ponds and lakes. These units include weighted airline that sinks out of view, specialized diffusers to release concentrated air at the bottom of the lake and strong compressors to produce the amount of air necessary to keep your pond healthy.

And, of course, as with all of our products, we can deliver and/or install these features for you.

We provide services to the Northern Ohio area.

  • Chardon, OH
  • Chesterland, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Concord, OH
  • Eastlake, OH
  • Euclid, OH
  • Fairport Harbor, OH
  • Geneva, OH
  • Grand River, OH
  • Kirtland, OH
  • Kirtland Hills, OH
  • Lakeline, OH
  • LeRoy, OH
  • Madison, OH
  • Mentor, OH
  • Mentor-on-the-lake, OH
  • Painesville, OH
  • Perry, OH
  • Timberlake, OH
  • Waite Hill, OH
  • Wickliffe, OH
  • Willoughby, OH
  • Willoughby Hills, OH
  • Willowick, OH